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Embrace announce new album

Embrace announce new album
It’s a busy world, with vastly more data coming into our heads, so you might have missed that Embrace are still a going concern, so ongoing they’ve announced their eighth studio album across a career that’s spanned over twenty years. 
It’s called ‘How To Be A Person Like Other People’, and on one hand, the band are put out some typical fluff about why this is a good LP: “Whenever we put out a new album it’s always a really big deal to us, we put everything we have into it. We know that there’s something about what we do that people love, that they just don’t get from others bands. It’s like a pact, they want us to be intimate and personal and autobiographical, but they also want us to be confident and rousing and anthemic.” 
Err, yeah, thanks lads, but the real weirdness is the absolute mad confession singer Danny McNamara adds “I met my wife nearly 10 years ago now: we have an incredible daughter and another on the way, but the most loving thing she’s done for me over the years is to try to show me how to love, how to feel, how to be a person like other people… This album is about that journey, that story, and it’s the most joyous, most uplifting, most upbeat, most soulful thing we’ve ever done. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”
Someone give Danny a hug. 
The release date is August 26th, the label is their own. 

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