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Emily Eavis dashes Stone Roses and Daft Punk but 'we're cramming 2 years of music into one year!'

Emily Eavis: 'We're cramming 2 years of music into one year!'

So, music fan, if yesterday's announcement that Radiohead would be headlining Glastonbury had you excited, then co-organiser Emily Eavis' comments this morning will send you over the moon.

“So we’re about 90 percent of the way there now,” Eavis told NME of progress with the line-up. “It always seems to get earlier and earlier, but I think because we’re having a year off in ’18, we’re cramming two years of music into next year. We’re quite far down the line. It’s looking so good. We’re certainly all there with all of our headliners across all stages.”

Unfortunately though, she said neither Stone Roses or Daft Punk are either of the remaining headliners.

STILL giddy.

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