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Emily Eavis explains why Glastonbury can give so much to charity

Emily Eavis explains why Glastonbury can give so much to charity
The 2017 version of the Glastonbury Festival gave over three million quid to charity, something that seems fantastic and bizarre given how many other festivals are getting cancelled from financial issues. Now Emily Eavis has given an insight into how, and it’s to do with paying much less for acts than other bands.
Here’s the quote from the George Ezra and Friends show, and don’t worry, there’s no George Ezra: “The fact that we’re trying to give money away to charity and not make big profits, that’s unusual for a business of this size…Obviously people would try and save money on the areas, but we put all the money into the areas so you do get these incredible areas that are just like another world. But then we also don’t pay the bands big fees, and so we’re competing with really big commercial festivals who pay bands… like we’re 10% of what they’d get from any other…”
Obviously, that doesn’t go down well with everyone: “I think it is harder for artists who haven’t been especially when they’re coming from the States and you’re going ‘this is really significant’ and the agent looks (at the fee) and is like ‘is that a joke?' But the thing that happens every time is because of the TV and because of the exposure that they get, they do go on to do really well afterwards, so they’ll sell records afterwards, so we’re saying ‘look, come and do this but even though there’s a small fee, we can almost guarantee afterwards you’ll make up for it’.”
So there’s the secret to festival success: be so legendary you don’t have to pay.

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