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Emily Eavis has a glorious lineup problem for 2021

Emily Eavis has a glorious lineup problem for 2021
It should have been Glastonbury this weekend, and not any old Glasto… but the 50th anniversary. With a string of top, genre crossing headliners and a seemingly bottomless bill, it was a statement event, but with Corona it has sensibly been cancelled. 
Work has already begun on 2021, and Emily Eavis has a glorious problem: she seems to have too many bands. “I think because we’re rolling two festivals together for 2021, we’ve got a hell of a lot of surprises that we were planning for the 50th,” she explained to 6 Music.
“Logistically, it’s a little bit complicated, because we’d already planned quite a few acts for 2021. It was one of those unusual years where you’re quite far ahead on the line-up. So we’re trying to work out how much we can fit in to next year.”
Eavis didn’t say if 2020’s headliners of Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney would come back, and she actually focused on the latter: “We had Paul McCartney for this year. It’s unbearable to think that’s not happening, because it would have been the ultimate way to see in our 50th year…” which is fine but we, err, want to see Taylor, err, yunno.

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