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Ever wonder what causes the feeling of 'chills' when you listen to music?

Ever wonder what causes the feeling of 'chills' when you listen to music?

You know that feeling you get when you fall back into your seat with your headphones on, and are swallowed by the sound of something new? The slight lack of breath, fluttering heart palpitations and that queesyness in your stomach; there's nothing quite like hearing something new. Well, maybe sex, as the new journal Nature Neuroscience.

A new study shows that musical thrills stem from the same brain chemistry responsible for the joys of food, sex and other more tangible rewards. To find out, experts recruited subjects to take part in the experiment who reliably gets shivers when they listen to an affecting score. The scientists used brain imaging techniques to find that dopamine peaks along with emotional arousal. Such induced dopamine release may well explain why people put a high value on some music.

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