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Everything Everything unleash surprise EP

Everything Everything unleash surprise EP
To kick off a new tour, Everything Everything have launched a surprise EP onto the world. Called ‘A Deeper Sea’, it tackles mental health, sexuality and being an arsehole.
Yep, the track we have for you today – Breadwinner – is all about entitlement. Here’s how they promoted it to NME: “That track was trying to embody the two sides of the divided nation that we have and trying to sort of exaggerate those sides, so it’s almost like you are hearing an online argument… It’s like people saying you know, ‘oh you guys wear black face’.  It’s almost like listening in on an online conversation and having an online fight… It’s really a reaction to that whole world of  being callous and over the top online. We wanted to replicate it in song.”
It’s also really, really good and is streaming below.

Breadwinner by Everything Everything on VEVO.

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