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Fabric saved! Iconic venue reopening after last-minute appeal hearing

Fabric saved! Iconic venue reopening after last-minute appeal hearing

Fabric nightclub is set to reopen after a last-minute appeal.

Huzzah. Thank absolute goodness. Finally some good news in a bereft, depressing year, and it has been confirmed by the Islington Gazette.

Judge Robin McPhee is said to have made the decision, as Fabric's management agreed with the council on a set of conditions under which the premises must run. This will follow a 155-page “gold standard” for security put forward by Fabric in November - include clubbers under 19 not being allowed onto the premises, CCTV monitoring, ID scanners, and a lifetime ban for anyone caught dealing or in possesion of drugs.

Ranjit Bhose announced on behalf of the council: “What the council has been concerned with is whether Fabric can operate with a true zero tolerance towards drugs. We are now satisfied revocation of the licence is not necessary. Fabric has accepted procedure for searching and drug dealing within the club were not sufficient. It has now accepted 38 new conditions as well as its 155-page operating manual. The authority is satisfied Fabric understands what has to be done.”

Judge McPhee added: "I am satisfied that the council and Fabric pulled together to get a set of workable conditions to prevent drug use and supply future."

Fabric nightclub had been closed following drug-related deaths of two teenagers on the premises. It is currently unclear when exactly the iconic venue will open its doors.

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