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Facebook just signed a huge music deal: this is what it means for you

Facebook just signed a huge music deal: this is what it means for you
Facebook, the all-conquering ‘tell me what to think’ social giant has signed a team with Universal Music, and it’s very interesting indeed. Basically, the average member of the public now has permission to legally upload video containing UMG acts to Facebook and Instagram and not have them taken down.
As you know if you’ve been working in the field of YouTube and others, music companies have been quick to pounce on vids using music without permission, partly because no one likes their EDM track on a shitty unboxing video, but mostly because they want money for it. Well, deals are done.
Here’s UMG’s official view: “This partnership is an important first step demonstrating that innovation and fair compensation for music creators are mutually reinforcing – they thrive together.”
However, there’s also this quote from them about the deal: they will develop “experimental new music-based products to these Facebook platforms, with the goal of catalysing innovation to develop the next generation of music products that best engage social consumers.”

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