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Fancy a read? Try Sound System: The Political Power of Music

Fancy a read? Try Sound System: The Political Power of Music
Faithless were never just another dance act, but a socially conscious group who also made excellent tunes. Their former guitarist Dave Randall has used his insider knowledge, plus a fair bit of thinking time, to produce a book that’s got people talking: ‘Sound System: The Politial Power of Music.’
Given that music has, for centuries, been used as a tool, and that in the modern age powerful cultural, social, economic and politics forces work through music as well as shaping it, this should be an excellent book, and Mark Radcliffe certainly thinks so: "A deeply intelligent look at music and society. Thought provoking, readable and clever”.  
It’s not just history though, he wants to make music ‘serve the interests of the many.’   It’s out this month on Pluto Press.

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