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Fatboy Slim is hating on Glasto even those he’s exactly the problem he says exists

Fatboy Slim is hating on Glasto even those he’s exactly the problem he says exists
Fatboy Slim has been talking to NME about Britain’s greatest festival, and he’s not exactly worried about his booking for next year. It’s starts well, with “It’s better organised every year and less chaotic, it’s more middle class, it’s less dangerous… It used to be quite a hairy place to be at times.” And ignoring the class thing, who wants to go to a dangerous festival? Except Fyre.
But then Fatboy opens the guns: “I think sometimes, the big headline acts – they’ve kind of run out. You know, once they’ve got Springsteen and The Rolling Stones, they almost got Prince then he died. They’ve run out of people who would really impress you as a headliner, so poor old people like Muse and Coldplay keep coming back and people are like ‘oh Christ, Coldplay and Muse again!’That isn’t a diss to them but [Glastonbury] are kind of running short of legends…even on there Sunday night legends’ slot. It’s only because everybody wants to do it that they’re kind of running out of people who haven’t done it yet.”
If that’s not a diss Norman, what is? So you say there's nobody new to do it. But here’s the weird thing. Norman is being asked this question because he’s played Glastonbury “every year for the last 17 years or so,” so is exactly the problem he’s talking about. 
He does try and win them over at the end “I think everyone, even the people who think they are too big to do it, actually realise that Glastonbury is bigger than them. Like U2 and Prince didn’t do it for a long time and it took Prince so long to come around before he died. It got to a point that Glastonbury became so much bigger than any band and no band can go out without doing it. Unless it’s a lot of money, because obviously you don’t get paid much for Glastonbury.”

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