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Fatboy Slim's New Concept Album.

So, the musical Evita turned the life of a president’s wife into a hit packed show tune standard. Can this magic happen twice? Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, has roped in a horde of collaborators including Tori Amos, Martha Wainwright and David Byrne for a concept album (which was originally going to be a musical) about Imelda Marcos. She’s best known for her massive shoe collection and conviction (overturned on appeal) for corruption while her husband was president of the Philippines. Although "It's a story-telling thing, like 'Evita', but coming at it from a different angle,” Cook told 6 Music “in that it tells the untold story that people didn't know about Imelda Marcos. It's not just about the shoes." Which is a bit like saying a Pete Doherty musical isn’t just going to be about the drugs. The music, as you’d expect from Cook, is dance based, but honestly, just because Neon Neon got away with writing a concept album about someone nobody under twenty has heard of doesn’t mean everyone should.

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