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Father John Misty skewers Glasto's Corbyn mania

Father John Misty skewers Glasto's Corbyn mania
You can rely on John Tillman, aka Father John Mystery, to be stood behind the Roman emperor whispering in his ear you’re human, and the alt folk star took the temperature of Glastonbury and decided some fun was required with Jeremy Corbyn.
As the video below shows, during his set he paused and said “What a honour, please help me welcome to the stage, your populist leader Jeremy Corbyn,” There was crazy applause, before Tillman admitted, “I err, I don’t know how to break it to you…” because Corbyn was nowhere near. The crowd booed, and then began a Corbyn chant to which Misty zinged back:
“You guy’s socialist music sounds a lot better than the socialist music in America, that’s right. We just sing ‘Kumbaya’.”

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