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Festival Republic will be starting new events in 2022

Festival Republic will be starting new events in 2022
Festival fans, you’ve had a miserable couple of years, but we’ve made it and the world is going to rebound strong: people are hungry. To this end rejoice in the new that Melvin Benn, director of Festival Republic (they do festivals, they aren’t a republic), has said they will be starting new events in 2022.
Benn was interviewed by Maria May of Creative Arts Agencies at the International Festival Forum, and asked what he can about rolled over artists from 2020 and 2021 blocking slots for new acts. He replied:
“I am starting new festivals in 2022,” Benn said (quoted from IQ). “I’ve always got to have at least one because I try to keep up with Folkert. So, we’ve got at least one or two next year, and that will give new talent the opportunity to start getting to play to a bigger audience.”
Let’s go.

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