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Festivals ban plastic glitter sales

Festivals ban plastic glitter sales
Most glitter isn’t just made from unicorn shit, it contains tiny pieces of plastic which are harmful to the environment. As you can’t now move without seeing a protest against plastics and a demand for reform, the British festival scene has reacted by signing 60 festivals up for the drastic on plastic campaign. This will ban plastic straws among other, but has also led to a ban on selling glitter.
But don’t panic, it’s only a ban on glitter featuring plastics and eco friendly alternatives are available and will be on sale at the events, so you can still look like a fairy. 
Here’s Bestival mainman Rob da Bank: Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll know the plastic problem is not going away.. This is exactly the sort of work the AIF needs to be doing – leading the global charge against essentially unnecessary plastic at all our festivals.”

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