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First Play: The Jacques with Eleanor Ring Me

First Play: The Jacques with Eleanor Ring Me

The Jacques made their London debut on the same bill at the Libertines, which is interesting as they’re cut from the same cloth but for our money better. There’s no pretence or mythology here, just a sound that’s straight from decaying factories.

We’ve The Jacques first new song of 2016, and there’s a propulsive guitar, a solid beat and a voice that sounds like a complaint Peaky Blinders isn’t grubby and violent enough. The band have two EPs behind them already, a string of festivals to scare, and the single coming out May 20th on the perfectly named Vegan Cyanide. Take a spin of Eleanor Ring Me below.


Fri 13th May - l'Alimentation Generale, Paris France
Sat 14th May - Les Nuit Botanique, Brussels Belgium
Fri 27th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester UK
Sat 28th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol UK
Sun 29th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham UK
Fri 29th July - KENDAL CALLING Festival, UK
Sun 31st July- Damaris Festival, Amsterdam Holland
Sat 13th Aug - DOWN TO THE WOODS Festival, Durham UK

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