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Fleetwood Mac invite staff of Fleetwood McDonalds to a gig

Fleetwood Mac invite staff of Fleetwood McDonalds to a gig
Ah, viral campaigns, turning one note jokes into something glorious. When a facebook user tried to start a campaign to have Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks attend the namesake Fleetwood Mc(Donalds) (which, as you’ve guessed, is the burger franchise’s Fleetwood shop), thousands signed up.
Now, Nicks didn’t go to the store. But the band did invite the whole staff to a gig, and yes, they went. The burger workers went backstage last night at Wembley and met the band, going on to watch the gig at the side of the stage. We assume Big Macs were served at some point.
“It was a fantastic evening seeing Fleetwood Mac live and to have the opportunity to share the experience with some of the Fleetwood team,” said Fleetwood branch owner Nigel Dunnington. “I’m still amazed the band got in touch – we’re lucky our restaurant shares a name with such an iconic band.

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