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Florence and the Machine announce 3 special small gigs: now with follow up

Florence and the Machine announce 3 special small gigs
Florence and the Machine have a new album out May 13th, and we’ve been enjoying the music that’s dropped so far. Florence hasn’t gone all electro, these songs are still pagan operas accompanied by music videos full of flapping and wafting. It’s interesting to note the fingerprints of Jack Antonoff are all over LP ‘Dance Fever’, so it doubly can’t fail.
However, before the EP drops Florence is performing some intimate UK shows in April: in Newcastle on Friday April 15th, Blackburn on the 16th and The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, on April 19th. If you’re a Florence fan, this isn’t one to miss, so get your fingers ready: tickets for all three go on sale on Thursday March 17th at 9am on this link: 
We presume they sell out in three minutes. 
I’ve pitched a concept for reviewing the album to the SJ bosses, but apparently a video of me dancing in a cape is not on. 
Edit: apparently we were optimistic saying 3 minutes and these sold out in 30 seconds. Really, there doesn't seem any way round this given they were intimate shows and she's one of the UK's biggest stars, but it's a crazy that your browser speed is affecting youur gigging life.

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