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Florence's Mum Would Rather She's a Student

So, you’re Florence of Florence + the Machine, and you’re a highly regarded indie act beginning to crossover. You’ve won awards, you’re nominated for more, and aside from an NME scribe inexplicably giving your album a 6 (voodoo dolls ready fans), things are going well. You might expect your parents to be persuaded that this was a good career choice. Well, Florence told You magazine, which is the posh glossy part of a newspaper, that her mother wishes she was a student: “My mother came to a gig recently. She said she enjoyed it, but it was too loud and she wishes she could hear what I was saying. She doesn't like the music industry...She'd much rather I was doing something else, but she does say that when she sees me on stage she understands why I do it. But she so wishes that I was just at university." You can see the mum’s point, the music industry is vicious and increasingly built around short lived fame, but isn’t there always time to go to uni after your shot at the big time?

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