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Forbes 100 Highest Paid Entertainers: hello again Puff Daddy

Forbes 100 Highest Paid Entertainers: hello again Puff Daddy
Now maybe we’re out of touch, but Puff Daddy hasn’t had a mega banger in a good few years, yet look who’s atop Forbes list of the 100 highest paid entertainers list: yes, Sean Combs. High vodka and clothes sales have contributed, showing diversification is still a way to go, and he netted a little over a hundred million quid in the last year. Second is Beyonce, and she has had some hits, as well as a massive tour.
But who’s that as number three? Yes, it’s JK ‘people still read books and I am not just Harry Potter, but go on have more Harry Potter’ Rowling, with a cool £75 million. She could buy a large football team with her fortune, but she’s not stupid so won’t.
Drake is fourth, and then the category of entertainer is stretched in interesting ways to include Christiano ‘I have my museum’ Ronaldo. We’ll stop this news story here so you can add your own description of him.

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