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Former MP blames his homophobia on Eminem

Former MP blames his homophobia on Eminem
You know how politicians say rap and other music they don’t understand is corrupting people? Well one of them has tried it on himself. Labour MP Jared O’Mara was suspended and then quit the Labour party when people googled his web history, which involved at least one homophobic rant on a Morrissey website.
Okay, these days you expect hateful stuff linked to Morrissey, but O’Mara was livid at the idea of the Smiths’ singer being gay, and ranted about “poofters” etc. So, imagine everyone’s raised eyebrow when in a speech this week he blamed Eminem:
“I used homophobic words, but they were the words of the time; they were on the Eminem record that I listened to at the time.”
He also blames wanting to fit in: “People were bullying me over things that I did not understand when I was 20 or 22… ,” he instead wanted “fit in and not get bullied.”
Luckily he’s nowhere near the Commons now.

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