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Former Mercury winner with album out soon takes pop at Mercury

Former Mercury winner with album out soon takes pop at Mercury
Benjamin Clementine won the Mercury Music Prize in 2015, and you might be forgiven for asking ‘who?’ Well, he’s got a new album coming soon (I Tell A Fly on September 29th), so what a perfect time to make some news by having a go at the Mercurys.
He was talking about how the win affected his career to Gigwise, “after winning that, they’ve just kept their mouths shut and it’s let me do what I’ve wanted to do for my second album.” Which is great, but then he said “It was a beautiful moment but, you know, if Ed Sheeran is getting nominated for it then you might as well just forget about it.”
Not Ed Sheeran winning, cos Sampha did that, but just get nominated. Is it worth pointing out that Florence and the Machine were nominated in Clementine’s year, or maybe moaning when the noms came out would have been better? No, cos the LP isn’t out till now.

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