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Fox open to Firefly revival

Fox open to Firefly revival
Firefly sure has hung around. Cancelled partway through its only season in the early noughties and followed by a singular (but good) movie, the Joss Whedon confederates in space series has gathered a passionate following. So passionate, that even now people want it to return.
Fox own it, and a high ranking Fox exec didn’t actually close any doors when asked by The Wrap: “Any time we look at one of our classic titles, if there’s a way to reinvent it for today so it’s as resonant now as the original was, and is, to the fans, we’re wide open. “I loved ‘Firefly,’ personally, and I watched every episode.” by which he means if we can make money we will.
Can they make money? It’s unclear, but further hope comes from the fact Joss Whedon seems to need something to do, and quotes like this from exec producer Tim Minnear: “We have talked about different permutations and how that might work,” he said of him and Whedon. “Do you take two of the characters and put them in a different place and sort of retell a new story with two old characters, with new characters? I would love to see, like, an eight- or 10-episode limited adventure in that universe.”

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