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Frank Turner: album news and new single

Frank Turner: album news and new single
If you saw Frank Turner at Glastonbury you’ll have heard some new songs. If, like everyone else, you were at home, then don’t worry: Frank has announced album number eight.
Yes, he might only have released Be More Kind in May last year, but the follow up is coming very soon: August 16th in fact, for an LP called No Man’s Land. So what, you may wonder, is he singing about this time?
“It’s bringing together my two main interests in life, which have always been separate from each other – history and songwriting… It’s not telling anyone what to do or how to live or how to be. If there was a crowded field of people writing songs about Princess Kassiani then I would see the argument for me bowing out, but there isn’t… No-one else is writing these songs right now. That’s why I want to share these stories.”
Obviously you’ll want to hear some, so Sister Rosetta is at the end. Frank and history… see if you can work out what’s being covered from this tracklist (high Peterloo Massacre chance.)
1. Jinny Bingham’s Ghost
2. Sister Rosetta
3. I Believed You, William Blake
4. Nica
5. A Perfect Wife
6. Silent Key
7. Eye Of The Day
8. The Death Of Dora Hand
9. The Graveyard Of The Outcast Dead
10. The Lioness
11. The Hymn Of Kassiani
12. Rescue Annie
13. Rosemary Jane

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