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Fraudsters arrested for pretending to be Adele’s manager

Fraudsters arrested for pretending to be Adele’s manager
Someone has been going around pretending to be Jonathan Dickins, and as that’s Adele’s manager the fraudsters have been conning gig tickets and top flight merch. Well, they were until the fuzz got them.
Justin Jackson and Angel Lii, who news reports say are married but that’s not relevant, have been scamming for a while, with Jackson spending time in jail for a scam worth over two million dollars. However, their actions alerted concerned parties and the news got back to Dickins, who has been working with the police. When the couple tried to scam tickets to Rolling Loud Festival off Kendrick Lamar’s people, the police caught them red handed.
 If we say that anymore and its not racist or something.
Don’t illegally download, and don’t pretend to be Adele’s manager. Or, once in the case of Jackson, working for Obama…

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