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French festival are sticking with the murderer on their bill

French festival are sticking with the murderer on their bill
It can be difficult to get the line up of a festival right, as Reading and Leeds are once more finding out, but the people behind France’s Papillons de Nuit festival are really making life hard by putting a murderer on the bill.
He is Bertrand Cantat, aka the former singer of Noir Desir, and he’s served time for beating his girlfriend to death. Only four years however, which is less the festival’s fault and more yet another legal system which doesn’t take violence seriously, see also UK, USA etc. Anyway, there have been petitions to have him removed, but the organisers are sticking to their guns and explained:
“We consider that our only criteria should be artistic.”
That’s the sort of statement that demands you wear a beret and a black roll neck. 

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