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French hospital opening up wine bar for terminally ill patients

French hospital opening up wine bar for terminally ill patients

In heartening news, a French hospital will open up a wine bar reserved for its terminally ill patients.

Palliative Care Centre of Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital in Puy-de-Dome in Central France has come up with a ‘prescribed bar’ to offer ‘medically supervised’ wine tasting to patients, who will be able to wine and dine with their friends, relatives, dates - whomever! The bar will be one of its first kind in France to have such a facility. They will be serving fine wines, champagne and whisky.

Virginie Guastella is the genius who came up with the idea: “A situation can be palliative for several weeks or even several months and it is because life is so precious and real until the end that we decided to cultivate all that is fine and good".

Guastella said that drinking and eating have a huge positive impact on patients lasting days, quoting a study by socio-anthropologist Catherine Legrand Sebille.

“It is a way of re-thinking the care of others, taking into account their feelings and emotions that make them a human being,” Guastella added.

Next up: cocaine toilet seats, hot boxes, opium dens and Football Manager cafes for the terminally ill.

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