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Frightened Rabbit have a new song attacking Theresa May

Frightened Rabbit have a new song attacking Theresa May
Theresa May still hasn’t stopped saying Strong and Stable, which suggests she doesn’t actually grasp what’s happening and needs a slave behind her whispering in her ear the truth. Oh Michael Gove is back, he’ll be behind her all right, with a knife. Anyway, we’re a media site and we’re saying this because Frightened Rabbit have released a new song attacking the temporary PM.
The tune is called ‘Fields of Wheat’, a reference May’s answer when asked what the naughtiest thing she did as a child was: run through fields of wheat. Well she wasn’t going to say dissected a kitten was she. Anyway, here’s the band saying why this acoustic lament is out now:
“It felt like the song should go out now, because it’s about what’s happening now, it’s about where we live and if we waited too long the sentiment could go stale. We don’t want to be too descriptive or conclusive here, our only hope is that you listen, enjoy and share it.”

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