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Funding slashed to zero for male rape charity, one of the highest rising crimes

Funding slashed to zero for male rape charity, one of the highest rising crimes

Survivors UK, the UK’s biggest male rape and sexual abuse charity, has had its state funding for vital counselling services completely gutted and slashed to zero. This is completely ignorant to the fact that there's been a 120 per cent increase in men reporting instances of sexual violence in London and seeking help in the past year alone.

The charity had been receiving £70,000 a year of state funding from the Ministry of Justice for the past four years to fund its counselling services, but since the funding was switched to being distributed by the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime last year, the charity has not had its funding renewed.

The London Mayor's office has claimed that there's been "no cut in funding for services to support male victims of abuse. In fact, we are investing over £4.1million in specialist services for all victims of domestic and sexual violence by 2016. This includes male victims".

“The Mayor welcomes additional funding from the Ministry of Justice for a number of organisations working with victims in London, including Survivors UK.”

However, this is hogwash as Survivors UK have countlessly tried to contact the Mayor's office, but have "heard nothing", according to John May of the charity.

A total of '307 men in London reported being raped to the Met police in 2014, an increase of 120 per cent since 2012, and 518 men reported experiencing a serious sexual assault, up 80 per cent over the same time period', according to The Independent.

“There is a real appetite among male survivors to come to an organisation that only deals with men because they feel there is an understanding and that they will receive services tailored to them. It is the same reason there are women only services for this,” May said.

Help them try to secure their invaluable funding once again by signing a petition on Change.org.

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