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Funko and Blink 182 throw major shade

Funko and Blink 182 throw major shade
Oh great, we thought, Blink 182 are getting their own range of Funko Pops. Your scribe loves the Funko designs and has a range, and although the music ones have never really worked for me we were going to give Blink a chance. 
And yes, both the Blink Funkos look great, and therein lies the problem.
Both? Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are present and correct, but Tom DeLonge is missing, let alone Matt Skiba. Funko ignore the elephant in the room by stating “In true Blink-182 fashion, Mark is depicted wearing the blue octopus that has become his signature logo and carrying his signature hot pink bass guitar and Travis is depicted with a backwards cap, face tattoos, skater punk attire and his drumsticks.”
How about the signature singer?

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