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Fyre Festival: meet the FBI

Fyre Festival: meet the FBI
Things continue to get worse for Fyre Festival. From promoting themselves as the festival of choice for the wealthy, selling thousand dollar plus tickets to a Bahamas island, and accidentally triggering a class war of Twitter comments with the utter shitshow they provided, Fyre Festival’s fall has been sudden, and the recent news was a desperate cluster of lawsuits. But now it’s got worse. Now it’s got the FBI.
Yes, not all the FBI are currently worried about which puppet Trump will put in place, as the New York Times reports the Feds are looking into Fyre, along with the US Attorny from southern New York. It’s not for the crime of running a bad festival, it’s for “mail, wire and securities fraud” which sounds rather more serious than a salad sandwich. 
So, yeah, your day could be going worse. Unless your name ends in ump

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