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Fyre Festival’s lawyers are now threatening people who complained

Fyre Festival’s lawyers are now threatening people who complained
The people behind Fyre Festival have decided they haven’t earned enough doubt and dislike, because rather than hiring a bunker they are setting their lawyers on people who complained, in particular those who live tweeted the horror show.
I know what you’re thinking. You pay thousands of dollars, you tweet about how undoubtedly awful it is, and you get sued. Well, TMZ know of one cease and desist letter which was sent to a paying customer who tweeted their feelings, and claimed such tweets would “incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest.”
That sounds over the top so they doubled down, because if the tweets weren’t removed “someone innocent does get hurt as a result,” and “Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible.”
Bullshit on toast. 

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