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G2 Esports launch record label and it’s actually good

G2 Esports launch record label and it’s actually good
You know when you’re reading an article about something and it becomes apparent the author has little idea what’s going on? Well that’s me with this, as it involves an esports team and my level of knowledge on that subject is ‘fuck knows’. 
However, I do know music, and an esports team called G2 have launched a new record label and with it they’ve dropped a metal track. G2 members compete in CS:GO and League of Legends, and we assume before each match they now listen to ‘Our Way’. This is billed as being by G2 but involves a great lineup of guest musicians including Jason Richardson, Luke Holland and Noora Louhimo.
G2’s founder Carlos Rodriguez is refreshingly honest about the project: “epic power metal is my favourite genre, I don’t care about its marketability. It’s coming from the heart like everything else we do”. It rocks. Many more releases are planned.

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