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Gangnam Style isn’t the most watch YouTube video anymore

Gangnam Style isn’t the most watch YouTube video anymore
Join us for a moment in 2012, or maybe even 2013 if you weren’t sick of it, and remember the success of Gangnam Style, the South Korean smash hit that had any wanker without a personality doing the dance on TV. The video became the first on YouTube to reach a billion views, which did more to cement the streaming channels place in history than it did singer Psy.
Obviously something was going to come along and beat Psy one day, and now it’s happened. But what’s staggering is who did it. See You Again by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa, from the Fast and Furious 7, is the one that’s done it. How? Who is listening to this? Where is the cultural shockwave? Has nearly three billion views become something less than impressive?
And, actually we prefer Gangnam Style, but there we go.

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