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Garbage back in October

24 tracks ready

Garbage were once slinky, sexy and essential listening, and they’re coming back after a five year break to try and recapture their glory days (which were considerably more than five years ago).  We’re promised the comeback single in October, and singer Shirley Manson has explained they’ve got twenty four mixed songs with titles like ‘Blood for Poppies’.

And if you’re wondering what they’ll sound like, Manson was upfront to Wears the Trousers: “They may not be the most cutting edge or the hippest thing or the sound of a decade or any of that shit, but I think it is an honest collection of ideas coming from a bunch of freaks and geeks, laying down where we are at and who we are and everything we have been through and, well, the authenticity of that can't be debated.”

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