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Get a Plan B ready now: Soundcloud reported to be on brink

Get a Plan B ready now: Soundcloud reported to be on brink
Well I think we can report this without getting sued as it’s appeared in a serious place, so here goes: reports are claiming that Soundcloud only has enough cash to last for the next fifty days, so get your plan B ready ASAP.
It’s a fact that 40% of staff were laid off, and Tech Crunch has dug deep into the situation. The claim from staffers is that even people who survived the cull are quitting to escape this sinking ship, and that people in the building have been told Soundcloud currently only has money to get to quarter four, i.e. 50 days away.
Efforts to raise funds are ongoing, as might efforts to sell. But we’re not here to get into the millions that have come and gone, we’re here to tell you: if you depend on Soundcloud, start looking at alternatives now.  

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