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Get ready for the UK Garage Brunch

Get ready for the UK Garage Brunch
This February, London is getting a hell of a pop up event: The UK Garage Brunch. Yes, on February 3rd you can rock up to North London in your finest 90s attire, and each bottomless chicken wings while listening to Artful Dodger and others serenade you with the finest UK Garage.
Oh, and there’ll be brownies which will “of course, will be sweet like chocolate,” as well as doughnuts and rum and coke. Vegetarian options will be provided. 
Also “Once ticket holders have had their fill… UK Garage karaoke, dance-offs, rap battles and garage themed prize draws will be part of the immersive entertainment at the brunch… A fully choreographed stage show will follow amongst other surprises on the day.”
It’s happening February 3rd. Re-re-wind.

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