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Girl in Red brings us some midnight melancholy

Girl in Red brings us some midnight melancholy
Girl in Red has a new song out, and what a soul searching tune it is. Called ‘Midnight Love’, it’s derived from a realisation she was mistreating a, well, they weren’t really a partner and that’s kind of the problem. 
Here’s Girl in Red, aka  Marie Ulven, explaining: “This song is about me making someone feel really small,” she said to NME. “I have a really close friend that’s had this dude calling and texting her all the time, every night. At 3am, he’s like, ‘Are you awake?’ He’s not necessarily using her intentionally, but it’s become this relationship where he’s kinda calling her to get laid. That reminded me of something that I was doing to this girl... When I was on tour I would just call her every night. It was a very unhealthy thing for me to do to someone – to make them feel like they weren’t worth that much. It’s just me reflecting on how I made this person feel... I met up with her a couple of weeks ago after I sent the song. She wanted to meet up because she was like, ‘Wait – did I make you feel like this? What’s going on?’ But then I explained that I was actually writing it from her perspective.”

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