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Give yourself a dopamine hit with some Foo Fighters birthday merch

Give yourself a dopamine hit with some Foo Fighters birthday merch
It’s been twenty five years of the Foo Fighters, which is scary for those of us who bought their first records in a shop way back then (remember shops?). The band are celebrating with a cash in, so give yourself a lovely dopamine hit by buying some celebration merch:
“To celebrate Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary, we have curated a special collection of items that honour each full-length studio album and then some,” the press says. “The art used is a combination of new designs, previously archived designs, artwork from album packaging (some that may have never been printed on merchandise before), or a re-imagination of existing art… Some of these items have gone through special garment washes which make each piece unique. So be sure to check the item description for details about each product. A lot of these items will be limited, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

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