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Glastonbury Festival suffered 3 million loss in 2021

Glastonbury Festival suffered £3 million loss in 2021
During the pandemic, when the issue of Government funding for the Arts was being discussed, Glastonbury Festival tweeted out their gratitude to receiving support:
“We’re grateful to have been offered an award from the Culture Recovery Fund. After losing millions from the cancellation of our last two Festivals, this grant will make a significant difference in helping to secure our future.”
This lost millions figure is back in the news as Billboard have reported on Glastonbury’s finances, specifically that the festival suffered a £3.1 million loss in 2021. NME has been able to speak to the Glastonbury team, and confirmed that this figure is correct. 
However, 2022 looks a go, where Billie Eilish will be spearheading the return to profit.

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