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Glastonbury Line Up 2019 revealed

Glastonbury Line Up 2019 revealed

Yes the wait is over. Only we didn't have that long to wait as Glastonbury have revealed the first wave of bands unseasonably early. 

This years festival sees headline performances from The Killers, Stormzy and The Cure as well as other performances from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Miley Cyrus (yes really) Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill, Tame Impala and many many more. 

We think this is just the start and as usual will spark up the usual twitter war of "Can't wait it's gonna be soooooo cool" vs "so glad I didn't get my tickets this year" (whilst said person employs a small army of 10 to try and secure during the resale. 

So what are your thoughts on this years line up. Good? Bad? Or Ugly?



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