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Glastonbury announce new act and praise Grime

Glastonbury announce new act and praise Grime
Glastonbury are going to be drip feeding us all more acts, and today’s is Other Stage headliner Boy Better Know. There’s a growing grime presence at the festival, and Emily Eavis took the chance to praise the genre to NME. And when we say praise, we mean shoot lights into orbit. 
“At the NME Awards when those guys got up and commanded so much respect in that room, it was just so exciting. It felt like a new time in British music, a new era, it felt like everything had changed.” Naturally she said this while talking to NME.
She went on “We were showing the world and leading the day in that genre. Everybody’s listening, even the Americans. It felt like we were witnessing something really exciting and fresh and the whole scene has kind of shifted. Grime has entered our lives in such a big way and it’s brilliant that we’re representing that as much as possible.”

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