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Glastonbury explain how they’re dealing with terrorism

Glastonbury explain how they’re dealing with terrorism
Glastonbury is happening in a few weeks, and obviously as a concentrated gathering of people involved in a western cultural endeavour it is the perfect target for another terrorist attack. Emily Eavis knows this and had been working with experts to deal with the problem, and this is what she told 6 Music:
“Our head of security, who is also in charge of operations here, he is incredibly experienced in this area...We have put in place lots of extra provisions and lots of extra security checks. We’ve sent an email out to the public to let them know that coming in will take a bit of extra time this year because we’re going to be doing extra searches. You’ll notice coming in that there will be extra space made for those searches to take place – and some extra security and police.”
Indeed “We just want to make it as safe as possible. You can rest assured that we’ve got the best teams making sure that that happens, and that it’s the most safe place that it can possibly be.”

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