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Glastonbury has turned Arcadia into Pangea

Glastonbury has turned Arcadia into Pangea
We’ve known for a while that Glastonbury’s Arcadia area is getting a revamp, and now the details are here. This new experience is being called Pangea, but that doesn’t just refer to the supercontinent which once contained earth’s above sea landmass, but space too. Here’s the official blurb:
“Arcadia’s Pangea is a primordial world of infinite possibility.
Taking inspiration from the prehistoric supercontinent where every land on earth was one and the future was yet to be written, this is the dawn of a new era. A giant structure sits at Pangea’s heart, repurposed after decades of service at Avonmouth docks and as old as the festival itself. A core of light, sound and energy pulsates from its epicentre, surrounded by primeval fire and with the Glastonbury spirit flooding through its DNA.
Looking back across the years, thousands of people from all walks of life contributed to the Spider’s evolution from a tripod stage to the Metamorphosis show. Everyday skills were turned on their head, mad ideas became reality and an extraordinary spectrum of collaborators created something greater than the sum of its parts. As a fresh evolutionary journey begins toward a new show in the sky, Arcadia are inviting anyone with a bonkers idea and an outside the box way of realising it to come on this adventure.”
But what was that mean musically? Carl Cox, Dj Vadim, Andy C, Tony Piper, Craig Charles… ooh there’s a tasty line up.

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