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Glastonbury might have to limit the amount of booze people can bring

Glastonbury might have to limit the amount of booze people can bring
America’s greatest source of satire, The Onion, once described festivals as fields for people to take drugs in, and that certainly covers a lot of punters we’ve seen over the years. Drink is a form of drug too, of course, and Glastonbury is facing having to curb the amount of booze people can bring with them into the festival.
Not, it must be stressed, as some plan to make you buy things from internal vendors, but because the festival’s local council are looking at a report into last year’s festival and working out how things can be made, in their eyes, safer and better for festival goer and local alike. One way is limits on booze. We don’t know what they’re thinking quantity wise. We suspect the council is going to have a different view from a car full of festival goers.
Another thing they recommended is cleaning the toilets more regularly, and I’m sure we can all agree about that. Oh, and if you drink less you won’t need to visit those hellholes as often.

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