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Glastonbury reveal 2019 dates if your diary goes that far

Glastonbury reveal 2019 dates if your diary goes that far
We’re still planning Christmas this year, let alone 2019, but the Eavis family have one eye on the future. They have to, of course, they run the UK’s leading festival, and Glastonbury isn’t happening in 2018. Nope, but it’ll be back in 2918, and here are the dates:
June 26 – 30
Keep that free.
If you’re wondering what happens in the Glasto camp during a down year, it’s not a rest. Here’s Emily Eavis talking to NME: “Well the years off are normally quite busy actually… We spend a lot of time looking at everything and doing bigger, long-term projects. Looking at tickets and passes and things like that. There will be a lot of work to be done, but it’s sad to think about it at the moment, because it’s been such an amazing festival. I can’t really remember one quite like this. When we think about a year off, we’re like ‘oh, that’s a shame – but I think the farm needs and it and the village needs it and we’ll come back with some new ideas as well.”

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