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Glastonbury weather news and advice

Glastonbury weather news and advice
Britain needs to have been at a certain temperature for five days for it to be a heatwave, and that happened yesterday. Unfortunately, that was the day thousands of people were trying to get into a Glastonbury being extra careful about terrorism (and nothing wrong at all with that.) In fact, Wednesday was described as the hottest day at Glastonbury ever.
That sounds awesome when you’ve grown up used to the mudbath festival, but people have been treated for sun based illness… just don’t worry, because the South Western Ambulance Service have a team on site to help. In fact they’ve given some advice: in case it warms up again, please bring plenty of water, suncream and a hat. And let’s face it ladies and gents, this is Glasto, you can go to town on your hat.
So, a weather update. Today, Thursday, is cooler (in the 20s), with a touch of wind and some showers. Friday will be cloudy, but no rain, but still be careful. Things will continue to get cooler from then on. Basically, the weather people think you’re past the worst of the heat. 

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