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Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage opener is amazing

Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage opener is amazing
You don’t have to be a big band to be amazing, as long term Supajam listeners know. You just have to be amazing, and that’s exactly what the act opening this year’s Pyramid Stage is. They’re called Hacienda Classical.
Yes, that’s Hacienda as in legendary dance club, and that classical as in an orchestra. Graeme Park and Mike Pickering have curated a set that mixes dance classics with a more traditional set of instruments and created something amazing. Think William Orbit’s version of Adagio for Strings but with Black Box’s Ride On Time. 
And here’s their mission statement: “After the first few shows of 2016 we wished we’d got to the point more quickly. The DJ set I created built slowly, just like the best DJ sets do. However, we soon realised that this concert has a different energy. The expectation of the crowd at each show is so electric and infectious so this time we’ll be hitting everyone smack in the face, right between the eyes from the very start.”
Get there early.

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