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Glasvegas Singer Goes Missing, Finds Himself

At the Mercury Music Awards Glasvegas were unable to play as their lead singer was absent. The problem was, when questioned, the rest of the band didn’t know where he was, one admitting "We did a festival in Italy and came back and the last I've seen of him was at the airport.” So he was technically missing until he rang his agent and explained he was in New York, safe and well. The agent, Dean Cunning, then attempted to clarify things to the Independent: "James is not missing, he's in New York…He got in touch with me yesterday at about 1.45pm to tell me he was OK because he knew people were worried.” He then followed this up by admitting he was missing for a while: “But to be honest I've been just as much in the dark about this as anybody – the last time I saw James was at the gig in Cardiff. I don't even know exactly when he went missing." A happy ending then, which is more than you usually get in a Glasvegas song.

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