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Gold Medallists Listen to Foo Fighters. Fact.

At the last Olympics, Chris Hoy won three gold medals in cycling, which makes him officially very good. (He also won BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year, which no one outside the BBC cares about, but we thought we’d mention it anyway.) Now he’s given Deadline Scotland an insight into what he listens to before a race to psych him up (or down, keep reading), and he’s got his finger on the pulse, preferring Foo Fighters to psych himself up.

Of course, this can lead to a few problems when listening to them at a later date: "If you are driving along in your car and you have got the radio on it can be quite weird. You suddenly feel your heart rate soar." Hoy also explained how he used music to calm down: "At the Athens Olympics, I was on the edge of being too anxious before the race so I listened to Massive Attack’s 'Angel' to get in the right frame of mind." That’s something to stick on the CD cover.

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