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Goldie’s views on aliens and space are spicy

Goldie’s views on aliens and space are spicy
Goldie’s been busy, and by busy we mean taking CIA strength combat acid. Presumably, given his thoughts to the Daily Star on the origins of humanity and the nature of the cosmos:
“Humans can’t live in space because that’s where negative energy comes from and we implode – note to self…And our ancestors used to live there. Mars is like an old fucking gaff we used to live at… It’s an old fucking house party.”
“I always get that weird thing when people start saying, ‘Oh here we go with Aliens’. But we are aliens. We are a manifestation of power, energy in the universe that’s manifested itself in one consciousness… Where do we come from? We are the manifestation of an infinite universe in infancy.”
So do you want to see it?
“I’m not going to go to space because it’s too expensive and somebody has already done it. It costs billions. How much was that trip?,”
Party at Goldie’s bunker.

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